Sudio - Sadeh Dagan architects

Profile & Philosophy

Kai Sadeh and Ifat Dagan are graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the prestigious Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel.
In 1987 they founded Sadeh-Dagan Architects.
The firm specializes in residential and commercial architecture, from the drawing board through interior design.
Embracing a holistic approach, we provide services covering all aspects of planning and implementation.

In recent years, Sadeh-Dagan architects have been working in collaboration with Blumenthal-Dressler architects, and since 2012 they are sharing premises in Tel Aviv.
The firm is composed of 14 experienced architects, and its clients receive custom-made design carefully tailored to their needs, as well as a personal treatment and productive dialogue

Our credo:

  • Employ an architectural language that combines simple, clean design with materials and colors that enrich the space and define the customer's identity
  • Offer a total design, in which the exterior and the interior are one
  • Maintain a tight relationship between structure and environment, using natural light to the maximum
  • Provide individualized planning, attentive to the relationship between the person, the space, and the environment
  • Render the design process an integral part of the outcome
  • Create modern architecture that stands the test of time